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2019-Christmas Party - Tirhatuan Park

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” - I thought it was just an old Bing Crosby song but last Sunday it was almost a reality at our Christmas Party.

The forecast for Sunday was definately no good so we had organised “Plan B” just in case. Thanks to Mick and Veronica for making their place available if required, as it turned out the morning defied the odds and although cold stayed dry.

Barnsey and Karl had an early start to make sure we got one of the shelters, a good job boys – as we found out later. Tony, Mick and Steve got the burgers and snags cooking early just in case the predicted rain arrived.

Lunch was served and thanks to the ladies for the variety of salads, what a great spread they provided. With the kids eagerly awaiting the arrival of the big man in the red suit it wasn’t long before the 55 Convertible Sleigh rolled into view, with a few blasts on the sleigh’s “truck” horn and rings of Santa’s bell Mrs. Clause had them all organised.

The presents we handed out and with the kids happy it was time for Santa to depart, just about then the predicted rain arrived and we all ran for the aforementioned shelter for the last of the day’s formalities.

The fantastic hamper put together by Chris Arena had to be raffled off and Steve thanked everyone for coming along and Lois for organising the day and the young folks presents.

The hamper was won by none other than Chris, well done enjoy the fruits of your labour! Lauren picked up the second prize of a bucket of car care products. Thanks again to you all.


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