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Bill & Kerin 1948 Anglia

Purchased in 1975 from my work foreman and was believed to be the third owner.

It wasn’t going, but it was complete, and I got it driving on the farm before “hot rodding it”

After around 2 years later it was fitted with a Datsun 1600 motor and gearbox and an LC Torana diff.

Front axle was adapted with Holden drum brakes.

It was painted at home with a vacuum cleaner spray gun, and fitted with Fiat seats.

Registered in 1977 in time for the 3rd ASRF Street Rod Nationals at Narrandera and driven every day at the time.

After a year or so, but while still being used, the paint was rubbed and primed in preparation for a repaint in Ford brown, and finally would be shiny.

It was driven all over the Eastern half of the country in this form for several years.

At one stage attending every event in Victoria in 12 months.

1982 saw a complete rebuild which included an independent front end with disc brakes, a 180B SSS motor upgrade, sandblasted and resprayed in Brown Candy and re trimmed.

Also fitted chrome spoke wheels.

1986 saw it get a roof chop and new widened rear guards completed in time for another trip to Queensland, with No 1 son on the way.

With lots of happy travelling under its belt, and limited space now with 2 kids in the back, it was decided in the late 90’s, a bigger car was needed after yet another trip to Queensland.

This was the start of the 56. Since the Chev was registered in 2001, the Anglia has not seen much work, but is still going on club reg and does come out occasionally for some fun.

One day it will get a tidy up of its many car wounds.


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