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Edelbrok Factory and Museum

One of the many highlights of our US trip was a tour of the Edelbrock factory and museum. Like many of the places we visited while in the US, the hospitality from the Edelbrock crew was amazing. When you consider how busy they must be and how often they host visitors it's quite impressive.

The History Of Edelbrock Performance: (abbreviated from thier official site) In the early days of the automotive performance industry, you either ran what was available, or you fabricated

something you thought met your needs. Such needs were the building blocks of the automotive industry and Edelbrock was on of the earliest players in the field.


Vic Edelbrock Sr. was born in a small farming community near Wichita, Kansas in 1913. His father supported the family comfortably as the owner of the local grocery store. When the Edelbrock grocery store burned down in 1927, Vic left school at age 14 to help support the family. He had a natural talent for mechanics. His first job was at an auto repair shop where he developed his skills as an auto mechanic. When the Great Depression hit Kansas, the young Vic Edelbrock looked to the prosperous west for a new home. The Begining by Edelbrock


In 1931, Vic migrated to California to live with his brother. Vic opened his first repair shop on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Between 1934 and the start of the war, several important events occurred. Vic Sr.'s reputation as an expert mechanic helped his business grow and he moved his shop three times during this period.

Vic Sr. bought his first project car... a 1932 Ford Roadster. This car was a turning point in Edelbrock history.

It was Vic Sr.'s entry into the world of "hot rods" and it inspired the design and manufacture of the first Edelbrock intake manifold.

The rest as they say is history.



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