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Hastings Rod and Classic Car Show

On a fine Sunday morning Lois & I cruised to Frankston to meet up with other members for the Hastings Rod & Classic Car Show being run for the first time by the local junior football club.

After a coffee and a chat we set off for the Hastings football ground. A small but fine looking convoy with us, Nick & Kaye, Alan S, Gav & Judy in ‘57’s, Alan & Chris, Jo & Shane, Tony & Meredith in ‘55’s & Pauline in the lone ‘56.

Cars were rolling in at the ground and we found a nice sloped spot to park, unfortunately it was a bit steeper than it looked with Tony’s immaculate ‘55 Coupe filling both exhaust pipes with grass & dirt, then shooting it back out. Luckily most of it landed on my car so it just looked like more stone chips! There we met up with Albert in his ’56, Sean & Nerissa in my favourite ’55, Dave & Lyn in their ‘34 Chevy powered hotrod and Rohan & the kids in his ’55 ragtop.

The facilities were good, with the organisers running the BBQ and bar outside & a fully licensed club for those who wanted a counter lunch. The local council pulled their permission to park the cars on the oval late in the week which spread the cars out around the ground, still looked fine but it would have been impressive with everyone on the football ground.

There were only three trophies for the day which made it very tough work for the judges.

Best Motorcycle: handbuilt chopper “General Lee”. Best Custom: ‘46 Chev Pickup. Best Classic: None other than our own Tony in the dirty exhaust piped ’55 Coupe.

The organisers were very happy with the turn-out, 179 vehicles, and plan to be back bigger & better next year.



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