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Kustom Nats

This was the first time I have been to the Kustom Nats. My mate Steve and I decided to go down for the Sunday. We headed off early and found the main pit area nearly full by about 10 am.

On the way down we saw a lot of cars heading home, so we started to wonder if we picked the right day. We wandered around for a while, caught up with a few old faces, listened to the bands and then joined in the cruising.

During the cruising we were overtaken by the Kendall's and they have the photo to prove that my ’56 was there. Only a couple of Nomads there but at least 3 ’55 converts –so they must be the new belly button cars.

We left just before the awards ceremony so don’t know who won what. As we entered the tunnel we found that there was a large area that we had not even visited –oh well, will remember that next year.

Des Kelly


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