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May Mystery Run (2017)

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The May Mystery Run started for Vicky and I 4 weeks earlier, first point was working out where to start from and where to end up, once we had that sorted it was, how we were going to drive there, we took a couple of routes before deciding the final one.

Then the fun started, working out the questions after a few disagreements we finally got them worked out, we did a final run to check time and how easy or hard the questions were, and as much as we tried to find something hard we couldn’t so we decided to do something different when everyone arrived at the final destination.

Sunday 28th arrived and the weather was not looking the best (every other Sunday in May – “Beautiful”) with only a couple who couldn’t make it, everyone started arriving at McDonalds Frankston North, we ended up with 34 coming, once everyone got warm with coffee and hot chocolate they all headed off.

Vicky and I with Michael and Andrea left them and arrived at Devilbend Natural Features Reserve, it was a little bit chilly, we unloaded everything and was getting the BBQ set up and ready to go, when I discovered that the new gas bottle I got, the fitting on it was squashed and would not attach to the BBQ connection, thank goodness the park had BBQ’s (they were slow to heat up but they worked) we were able to get the meat cooked otherwise we would have been in trouble big time as there were no local shops or service station nearby.

We had only been at the park maybe 20 minutes when the first cars started arriving, as they started to hand over their sheets Vicky threw them a curve ball and asked them 3 questions and they were not allowed to use their mobile phones to “google” their answers, she was told how good she was being a “Standover Man” as she made certain no one pulled out a phone.

The extra questions were:

Question 1 – What is the 5th line of the National Anthem – Answer: Our land abounds in natures gifts

And there were some with lovely voices and some with not so lovely voices as most people sang it to get the answer. Karl started singing Vicky the national anthem of NZ but she wasn’t accepting that answer

Question 2 – Spell “Hippopotamus” and 90% got that correct

Question 3 was a great one and this tested everyone’s knowledge of being a Club Member the question was – What year was the Club formed – Answer: 1980, quite a few answered late 1970’s some got very close with 1982, but Steve & Lois and Dave & Virginia got it right well done guys

We had 3 winners:

1st Kendall Family

2nd Bill and Kerryn

3rd Shane and Jo

Once the prizes were handed out and we got things packed up a few started to leave and travel home before the nasty weather set in as we were watching it come over and knew it wasn’t too far off.

Vicky and I left with Shane and Jo, we decided to stop at the BP Servo on Peninsula Link for a long overdue coffee, while sitting there having our coffee Dave and Virginia must have had the same idea as they arrived as well, we sat and chatted for a while then we all went our separate ways and headed home, it was certainly cold walking out of the nice warm servo.

Both Vicky and I enjoyed ourselves, it was great to catch up with a lot of people, and we had some laughs, and the weather was reasonably kind to us considering we were expecting storms and hail, big thanks to Michael and Andrea Sambanis for helping us out on the day it was really appreciated.

Michael and Vicky Kibblewhite


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