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May Mystery Run 2018

With fewer runs on the calendar over the cooler months we always look forward to the May Mystery Run to get out and catch up with fellow club members.

This years run was organised by Steve & Lois, starting at the Frankston Power Centre. There was a healthy number of members and friends all early, keen to grab a warm drink and catch-up before heading off for the cruise.

Lois & Steve wasted no time handing out the route sheets, trying to get us on the road in a staggered start. We were one of the early ones out, on the road by about 10:30am.

This was our first outing with the club in the old VK, as the Nomad was still off the road. Not many members have seen the car so we were sort of incognito while everyone tried to figure out who the Commodore was amongst all the Chevys:)

The route that Steve & Lois put together was well laid out and easy to follow, which was great from a driver's point of view and ensured not too many arguments during the journey.

The drive down through the Peninsula never disappoints with beautiful ocean views and winding country roads while cutting through Redhill towards Hastings.

Fortunately the bad weather held off for most of the day making it a very pleasant cruise.

The final destination had us all gathered at the Blue Scope Steel Recreation Reserve for some delicious home made sausage rolls and pies.

First prize was a five way draw with the overall winner being decided by a highest card draw. Heather Liston won by selecting a six (go figure!), with Jules and Tim taking out the wooden spoon.

When all done for the day, a few of us headed across to Rohan and Leanne Hudsons place for a cuppa and a look around their awesome shed and "girl cave" / sewing room. These guys sure don't do things by halves!

Like all good things, the day had to come to an end.

Thanks again to Lois & Steve for organising a great May Mystery Run and to Leanne and Rohan for their hospitality.

Cheers, David


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