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Port Fairy

Our usual group made the annual trip to Port Fairy again this year. Kaye and I, Bill and Kerin, two other couples from Bay Rodders and several family members have been attending this Run for many years now, Bill and Kerin are heading towards 20 while Kaye and I are at 13.

They changed the format slightly this year and introduced street cruising for the Saturday evening. They normally have around 150 entries and most of these participated in the cruising. It was a great sight and attracted lots of locals and holiday makers to the main parts of the town.

As is normal, there were also a large number of trifives in attendance.

The Sunday show and shine was very big this year and the gates were closed late in the morning. There were close to 400 cars and 150 motor bikes on the oval.

Presentations were held after lunch and saw Kaye receiving the Post 48 award while Bob Reynolds (from Bay Rodders ) received the Top Open award for his beautiful 32 Roadster.

After the show we settled in for a few days of R & R before returning home the following Thursday to start preparing for the Hot Rod Show.



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