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Rich River Rod Run

Bruno & Chris Arena and Virginia & myself gathered at the Bunker Hill Servo for the quick cruise up to Echuca. The numbers for this run were well down on previous years which was a pity, but with the promise of good weather, and a weekend full of cars, cruising and socialising it was bound to still be a great weekend. The cruise up the Hume to Echuca was a laid back affair, with a quick lunch in Heathcote before landing us in Echuca around mid afternoon. Cruising into the main street we were greeted with a great array of classics already out cruising the streets putting on a great show for the locals and tourists.

Registration was at the Moama Golf Club followed by a fantastic meal and a few drinks to wash it all down. Ross and Mary stopped by for a chat followed by the Smithson's arriving just in time for last call for dinner and registration. Always great company and a good opportunity for a chin wag and a few more drinks...

Saturday morning had us lined up outside the footy oval ready for a planned Observation Run around some of the local towns. It was a great morning of cruising, questions and several U turns for the geographically challenged. Our group got split up with some of us making it back to Echuca for lunch, the others enjoying morning tea in a coffee shop in Kyabram.

A quick stop back at the cabin followed by a leisurely paddle boat cruise up the Murray River was the perfect way to spend the afternoon before the evening feast. This event is well known for the meals and entertainment and I can gladly say this event was no exception. The Saturday night meals were first class with several in our group going back for seconds and thirds...

Afterwards most of our group went back to hibernate while Virginia & myself thought we would try a bit of dancing. The band Itchy Fingers were playing and were whipping up a storm on the dance floor. Boy, did they play a fast tune with us bouncing around the dance floor, arms and legs all over the joint but still having a great time. On the way out we bumped into new members Rob and Rhonda DeBonde, stopping for a good chat before heading home for the night.

Sunday morning had us up reasonably early for a quick car wash and setup at the oval for the Sunday Show n Shine. Another feast for breakfast and then out into the sunshine to look at the sights and catch up with friends. On show were all sorts of cars with the occasional caravan also on display, totalling approx 350 - 400 cars. With the sun shining and live bands pumping it was another perfect day. By early afternoon the fashion Parades, auctions and presentations were all done with a couple of prize winners from our group. Congratulations to Bruno & Chris Arena for winning the Observation Run and Virginia & David on taking out a place in the Straight Eight.

All in all it was another fantastic weekend, it's just a pity the waistline cops such a hard time.....

Cheers, David


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