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Run to San Remo (August 2017)

We gathered the troops together at Tooradin on a cool, windy Sunday morning (OK, it was cold!) for a leisurely cruise to San Remo.

After shooting the breeze for a while (of which there was plenty!) the six of us (cars that is - three 56’s and three 57’s, yep not a 55 sedan in sight) hit the road, around 50 minutes later we arrived at the San Remo Hotel.

We met up with Jules and Andy & Jackie in their 55 & 57 Pickups, they had spent the night at Phillip Island so only had a short trip across the bridge. Soon after Tony arrived from Healesville in his 55 Pickup, a great effort seeing he finished up at 2AM from his band’s gig.

The pub was great, with warm fire & cold beer and of course plenty of options for meals. We had our own room and were seated at two tables, no sooner had the server man explained the ordering process for us and left, we (read, Karl) decided that one really long table would be better (it’s a Chev Club tradition!) and it all worked out OK in the end.

After lunch was done we caught up with what’s been happening on the social scene, had a chat to a couple of locals by the fire then it was time to wind our way home.

I followed Tim hoping some heat from the Blown 56 would find its way into our car! Didn’t work but I do like watching those Big wheels turnin’.

Let’s put a challenge out to the ‘early’ model folk’s (A.K.A 1955) – see if they can get a few to the next run!

Till next time.


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