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Scott 57 Chev Bel Air 4 door Hardtop Re- Build

Hi everyone

As a relatively new member to the Club, Editor John suggested that a little article from me would be good to pop into this Newsletter.

I’m a 51 year old lawyer and have run my own law practice, Soho Lawyers, for many years. I like helping people with their contracts, and aim to write stuff that you can read and understand (a novel concept!). My main thing is contracts, buying and selling businesses, leases and the occasional dirty letter.

I have always been around cars. My old man (Dr John Munro) was into them, and used to rally drive in the 1970’s, mainly Datsuns. He was also a CAMS Doctor for many years. He loved getting his hands dirty.

My first couple of cars were Datsun 1600’s, and Dad and I would work on them together. Good times. Dad had given the rallying away, and became pretty involved with the MG car club. He built a TC boy racer, with a turbo (the purists didn’t like that) that he would hill climb at Rob Roy, and a MGB to take mum in on the Club runs.

Dad and I used to go to the Formula 1 GP each year in Adelaide, and then in Melbourne, which was always a good weekend. Sadly he passed some time ago now.

I had always been a fan of American Muscle, and bought a ’57 Bel Air 4 door hardtop a couple of years ago. A good solid car, but had been unloved. Apparently imported into Australia from Texas where it was owned by a little old lady who just drove it to Church on Sundays. The guy who I bought her off in Melbourne didn’t treat her right. The electrics didn’t work, the brakes were more like retarders, it leaked from everywhere etc … so the rolling restoration began. Break out the cheque book.

The initial work was to get it safe and roadworthy. That stage was completed about 18 months ago. New brake system / suspension / lights / fix the leaks etc … My partner Jodi and I love taking her out for a spin to the wineries down on the Mornington Peninsula, or for a Sunday cruise.

Stage 2 of the rolling restoration project is now underway. It started with fixing up some of the panel fitment issues, replacing the body mount rubbers, and sorting out an ongoing radiator leak issue that I was having. But, projects being projects, this has now morphed into a new crate 383 Stroker, reconditioning of the transmission, a bit of rust removal (in the boot mainly) and some paint. She is with Tony Morphett and the team at Garage 12 in Dromana where Bill the master mechanic is giving her some TLC. Its all progressing really well, and should be completed soon.

I will give everyone an update on progress once its all done.

Cheers for now



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