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Tram Car Restaurant (June 2018)

It's not often that we get to go to a social event with our club that doesn't involve Chevs, but if this outing was any indication it proves we don't always need our cars to have a great time.

It was good to see such a big turnout on what was a perfect winters day. The tram arrived ontime at 1:00pm and we were quickly all boarded and on our way.

Being my first time on one of these trams I was impressed as to how posh the setup was and how friendly the staff were.

Once under way, in no time they were serving bubbly, beers and loads of delicious food. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, catching up over a few drinks & fine food while watching the sights of Melbourne pass by.

The next couple of hours were spent chatting, with a few members swapping seats, testing the patience of the staff who were busy trying to squeeze past with trays of food and drink in the narrow aisles.

Before we knew it, the staff announced that the last stop was coming up. As expected from our group, all this did was produce a mad rush for last minute drink orders.

Once off the tram a few of us decided to make our way to Young & Jackson's to visit Chloe for a few ales while the remainder of the group made their way home. After whittling away a few more hours and the sun setting, we decided to call it a day before Lois & Steve missed the last train home!

Thanks again to Lois for organising a fantastic day out. I'm sure everyone had a great time, we certainly did.

Cheers, David


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