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Wangaratta Rod & Custom Car Club. Rod, Custom & Chrome Bumper cars, Show & Shine (Sept. 21st. 2018)

After being on the end of some undue pressure to turn up, from a few friends that belong to the Wang Club, just to make up numbers I decided to cruise up to Wang to this show. Prior info was not looking good for too many cars to turn up. I rolled the 55 out of the shed and give it a tub, ( total waste of time ) then drove up to Wang. Stopped at the BP at Glenrowan to top with ultimate premium which is what I have always run in the 55, first shock of the day, $1.70/lt!!, so Mc Scrooge only put $25 worth in.

The show was to start at 2.00pm and run to 10.00pm with 3 Rockabilly bands playing starting from 3.00pm on. I arrived at 2.30pm, there were already 80 cars lined up, 2nd shock, this event was held at the Wangaratta Race Course, somebody drowned one of the 2 areas overnight where they were going the park the cars, so I ended up out in a dust bowl with about 30 other cars.

After catching up with some friends I went for look around the cars on display, one caught my attention big time, it was a 1957 Lincoln Premiere, I have never seen one of these, it had electric everything and had not long been on the road after a 7 year resto. It had Qld plates on it,

I was told they drove it from Qld!!!!, yeah right, but it was a very nice car. Amongst the others your normal line up of 30’s Fords, there were a few Chevs also and a number of 60’s & 70’s Holden’s and Fords. There were also a number of bikes on show, one 1929 restored Harley that looked brilliant. I also run into George Prothero from Wang, he had his 56 Chev there on display, George’s company Alpine Trusses has been one of our convention sponsors for a number of years.

The first 2 bands were pretty good and I could not believe the number of people that had turned up in their rock n roll gear. The Benalla R&R group and a group from Albury also turned up. There were a number of trade stands, food stands and of course the refreshment stand.

For a first time event this was a huge success for the Wang Club, the combination of cars, bikes and bands just seemed to work. They ended up with 120 cars on display and 10 bikes. I left about 7.30pm and it all seemed to be swinging.

I caught up with my mate Cookee on Monday he told me they had just on 700 people go through the gate at $15 a head, and it was $15 to enter your car, so the club done fairly well out of the event. Well done to the organizing committee.

Jeff Wilson.

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