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Peter Liston 1956 Chev. Re-Build

Firstly, I build a rotisserie and took the whole body to be sandblasted, this proved the car was basically rust-free, with only minor rust repairs needed and some panel work.

I joined the 55-56-57 Chev Club of Victoria with the aim of gathering as much information on the ’56 as I could, I recommend anyone undertaking a similar project consider joining a club for this reason as the people I met along the way have helped enormously.

The underside of the Chevy has been kept fairly stock as far as the suspension is concerned. The front end received an upgrade with disc brakes while the rear is now fitted with a nine inch diff running a 2.75 gear ratio and drum brakes. It’s all been coated in two pack black paint.

The running gear was also updated with a ZZ4 350 chev converted to LPG, making it much more economical to run. It’s backed by a column shifted Turbo 350, cooled by a radiator from Aussie Desert Coolers and fed from a 90 litre gas tank.

The standard trim for ‘56s is black and white, which made the interior feel too cramped, so I got the manufacturers to make the original style upholstery in customised colours.



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