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2019 May Mystery run to Harrietsville

This year’s May Mystery Run was actually no mystery at all with the run being a weekend away at Harrietville.

Ash, David & Virginia and Steve & Lois met up at Kalkallo and after fuelling up the thirsty beasts (and the cars as well) we headed up the Hume Highway, another fuel stop at Glenrowan and we were good to get to Harrietville via a shopping stop at Bright along with a couple of beverages at the local hostilely.

We caught up with Mr & Mrs President (A.K.A. Barnsey & Leslie), Bill & Kerin and the Forbes clan at Cazbak Alpine Lodge where we kicked back in the cool of the evening with a couple of drinks followed by a BBQ snag tea around the firepit, which was great once the wood dried out!

Saturday morning we went into Bright for the market where we met up with Karl & Barb, Jeff & Kaylene, Peter & Heather and Alan & Chris. Lunch was at the “world” famous Gum Tree Pie shop. A word of warning, the sausage rolls are as big as the pies, so if you’re thinking of having a pie & sausage roll, be hungry!

After lunch we went cruising along the tree lined roads in all their autumn coloured glory to Mount Beauty (which is not a Mount at all but in a valley!) but we got a great view of the town from the Sullivans Lookout, it looked like a lot of manicured fields from up there.

Next stop was Wandiligong where we stopped at Alpine apples and then on to the Wandi Maze & Cafe for afternoon tea. Coffee & a giant slice of cake (from the biggest sponge cake ever seen!) was had by some while the kids took on the maze, as the sun went down behind the mountains the temperature dropped quickly so we headed back to Harrietville. We were booked into the local pub for dinner but when Karl & Barb got there they said they hadn’t heard of us, it was only his third week running the pub and had misplaced the booking but it was all sorted out and we got fed and had a sherbet or two before wandering back to Liston-Lodge for a bit of chat or two. The trip home on Sunday started out most of us lined up in Harrietville, but by the time we fuelled up at various places we were strung out like “Brown’s Cows”.

Thanks to Peter Forbes for suggesting the weekend and working on dates and pricing with the park owners. Thanks to Lois for organising the BBQ and Saturday schedule and for picking the only weekend with great weather!


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