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2020-Ballarat Swap Meet

Ballarat swap meet was held last weekend and with 2700 sites over 60 acres and with a 14.5 kilometres walk to see it all, it is Australia’s largest.

We (me, Sean & Ash) arrived a bit later than normal to set up on Thursday due to one of the crusty old trailer tyre treads deciding to part company, luckily the tyre stayed up as the steel belt managed to stay intact and we limped on to the local tyre power depot in Ballarat.

After two new tyres we got to the swap and set up camp, unloaded our parts and caught up with a few of the usual neighbours.

Over the next couple of days we sold a bit of stuff, bought more stuff than we sold (as usual), did a lot of walking and had a few beverages.

Got to keep the fluids up! Managed to catch up with Rowie and Mick a couple of times which helped with the fluid replacement side of things! Barnsey was out there somewhere – it’s a big place.

Vice Pres Tony dropped in with a fender nearly as big as him! It seemed that the big (easy) sellers were any oil related product like oil racks, bottles and cans (and anything we didn’t have!) Have to find me some of them for next year. With the summer rain that we’ve had it was the best conditions for a while, not too much dust or wind.

See you there next year.

Cheers Steve.


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