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Chev Club Awards Night (2016)

Well guys and Gals, our Chev presentation night was held on the 20th of February at Natalie's restaurant . As we entered our allocated room, we were greeted by our smiley face El president-o Greg Rowe, dressed in his very expensive tuxedo.

After a lot of chit chat and laughing, we found our seats and were presented with some fine food. I had the steak, that was cooked to perfection, and was told that the chicken was finger licking good.

Thanks to Peter Forbes for once again providing us with a slide show of some great old pics, and recent ones. For me it was like a trip down memory lane, seeing my now adult kids, as toddlers, and seeing our now old members as young strapping lean, mean, cruising machines. Well I guess we still are lean, mean cruising machines, but maybe not so lean.

So, with a few more drinks, and a whole lot more laughs, we moved into the formal part of the night. Rowie began the presentation by presenting a 30 year member award to Rob Plako. Congratulations Rob for your 30 years of service to the club. David Desira received a 10 year member award, again well done David for your service.

Next was club member of the year, that was voted on by the members, and that went to John Xidis. Well done John for all your work and service to the club, it is much appreciated, and well done to Lois, as the outgoing member of the year. .

The next award is always a very emotional one, and that is the Glenn Rulach memorial award. I guess we all had a tear in our eye as Rowie moved to this part of the presentation. Jacqui Verkes

was asked to present this award, as Jules Rulach was unable to attend. (Jacqui is Jules sister for those that may not know). When Rowie announced the recipient of this award, I was shocked, and overwhelmed, as the name he called out was mine. For me this was a great honour, and for the first time in a long time, I was lost for words.

Well what more can I say, except that it was a great night had by all, with plenty of raffle prizes to go around, and I think there were a few people that went home with body lotion, I think Dave Desira went home with 3 lots of the stuff. So Dave, next time we see you, I expect you will have lovely soft skin, and smell nice.

Thanks to Lois and Rowie for organising the night. Cheers for now, yours in cruising.

Tony Anastasio



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