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Chev Club Bowing Night! (September 2016)

On Saturday the 20th August the club had its bowling afternoon outing. This was very well attended by our members and their families and was a great time out had by all. Everyone enjoyed the evening with some very talented bowlers among us. The food was very generous and very tasty which you don’t often get at these places and I heard good comments from our members. We had at least half the lanes booked and we were well spread out.

One of the highlights off the night was a high score of 180 by a man called Ace Kendall. He started with a spare, then three strikes, then another spare, then another strike, and another strike shortly followed. I used to bowl many years ago and was told by a pro once on a certain technique and I told Mick about it and he blitzed after that (my mistake!). But seriously well done to Mick.

A few adults used the kids gutter guards and were caught out when it didn’t even help there score!

I would like to thank the Nobel Park AMF for their hospitality and a very big special thank you to John Xidis for organising the night which was a great night out. Thanks to everyone who attended.



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