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Drag Challenge run by Street Machine

We entered drag challenge this year ran by street machine.

The event started in Adelaide on the Monday and we had to drive 1900kms without back up or help from anyone.

We had to fix and repair our cars if they broke in time to make it to the next race track the following morning.

Adelaide was 40+deg it was insane but we finished with a high 10second pass, then drove via their checkpoints 6 hrs to Mildura, fuel consumption was very poor with a 5000 rpm stall converter and 4:56 diff gears towing a 6x4 trailer we were filling up every 1.5 hrs.

Then we raced at Mildura which is 1/8 mile, it’s a fantastic track and we ran 6.9 over the 1/8th.

The track at Swan Hill which we raced at after Mildura, it’s a brand new track which is probably one of the best tracks in Australia.

We then drove to Portland which was 6 hrs half way there it started poring with rain and running 13inch wide slicks on the street in the rain we had a few moments!!!

We got to Portland and stayed the night, then headed to the track in the morning, it was like a swimming pool, a total wash out so we headed to Adelaide in the rain again and another 6 hard hrs, arrived in Adelaide on the Friday and it was still raining, so we hang around waiting for the other competitors to roll in.

Out of 150 cars only 90 cars finished. We raced at Adelaide and had a blast, what a week, can’t wait till next year.

Rohan Hutson


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