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Elpho Chopper Show & MG Club Concourse (Tim Perrin)

With well over a century of automotive development millions of enthusiasts are now involved in all aspects of the automotive hobby. It is hardly surprising that this hobby is varied and diverse in nature and as they say “there’s something for everyone”. I was particularly struck by this diversity after attending two motoring events last weekend.

On Saturday l accompanied my son Justin to the Elpho Chopper Show at the Elphingstone Hotel. Justin was debuting his recently completed Harley which he tells me that it is a pan motor with shovel heads in an original 1950s rigid frame. I will have to take his word for all of that, l just know that it is extremely LOUD! The Elpho show attracted a generally young demographic and tattoos on all participants regardless of gender appear to be mandatory. Certainly an entertaining outing with plenty of bikes, a bit of drinking and an extraordinary band whose performance was a sight to behold.

On Sunday l fired up my 1949 MG TC for the MG Car Club Concourse held at historic Rob Roy Hill Climb. There were MGs of all vintages and descriptions in ordered rows with their anxious middle aged owners awaiting the appearance of the judges. For many this is a very serious business with much time and money expended on the presentation of the most immaculate and original vehicle possible. My TC is considered too modified to be a contender in the TC category, all of which is of little importance to me. Certainly a much older demographic almost completely lacking in tattoos with no band and no serious drinking. However the concourse was still an enjoyable day out.

Here we have two very different events at opposite ends of the spectrum highlighting the diversity of our hobby. What l would really like to see is the Elpho band at the concourse, that would ruffle some feathers!

Tim Perrin



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