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Isabella and Marcus Fund Car Show

This year was the 7th running of this show which raises funds for this foundation. Each year

the show gets bigger and therefore raises a significant amount of money for Cancer

research. The fund is named after two young children who both lost the fight against a rare

Brain Cancer which attacks the brainstem. 100% of funds raised are donated for research

and the show is completely run by volunteers.

The show is open to all forms of vehicles and was attended by a wide range from vintage

cars and motor bikes to Hot Rods, classics late model show cars, motor bikes and even large


The day dawned overcast but soon cleared to a lovely warm day.

A stage was setup and music played right through till the presentations. A wide range of

trophies were awarded. The top award was won for the second year running by a beautiful

green 1964 Impala. The day was attended by a range of tri fives.

A great day was had by all.

Nick Duyvestyn.


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