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Trivia night (September 2019)

Despite the night turning out to be cold and wet a great turnout of members and friends filled the showroom of the Sunroof Centre, which thanks to our hosts Michael and Vicky had been very nicely decorated in the Hawaiian theme and heated appropriately.

A visit to the Sunroof Centre requires the menfolk to spend a bit of time in the workshop checking out the latest projects Michael and the crew are working on, always interesting. Oh, that’s right we aren’t there to look at cars!

With trivia maestro Lois in charge (Rule 1: My answer is correct. Rule 2: If my answer is incorrect refer to Rule 1) we got on with the show. We had five teams competing for the coveted title of Trivia Champions and after seven rounds of trivia and a couple of team games (Celebrity Heads seems really easy when you can see the names!) the “Book ‘em Danno” team were victorious.

Karl was disappointed that he had the only Chev there; just showing off that he had fixed his wipers I reckon! And best dressed must go to Troy who was wearing a coconut bra, grass skirt and fish head thongs – and I thought I didn’t feel the cold!!

Thanks to Lois for organising the night and all the trivia questions, special thanks to Michael and Vicky once again for the use of the business premises and the efforts they make to turn it into a function place overnight.



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